Our Story

I built my first steampunk machine when I was 12 years old. This was the beginning of a long journey, full of fits and starts, that brought me to Steampunk Union Station.

Though my father's workbench in our basement was officially forbidden territory, I would spend hours there, taking apart household appliances and rebuilding them according to my own designs.

One day, I decided to build an airship. I found several two-by-fours, some nails and screws, and I set to work.

The key to my project was an old bassinet I found in a corner. It was covered with white lace and chiffon. The wheels were perfect for landing gear. I removed them with the axels.  I would later learn that my own mother had been placed in this bassinet, as was I and my three sisters. Miraculously, I did not get in trouble for destroying this precious antique. Years later, my own children would sleep in this bassinet (with new wheels, of course!)

It never occurred to me that my airship was too large to remove from the basement. No matter - it was the building that mattered - the fantasy that it created.

I did not know it at the time, but I had Steampunk in my blood. The Steampunk "genes" lay dormant for several years, until my own children re-introduced me to the concept.

One Sunday, we ate brunch at a new restaurant that had been built in the old downtown Framingham (Massachusetts) train depot. As we walked in my elder son shouted "It's STEAMPUNK!!!" Indeed it was. This place was designed and tricked out in beautiful steampunk style. And it was a converted train depot.  It was perfect.

This was my reunion with the passion of my pre-teen years that at the time did not have a name. Now it does. It's steampunk.

Steampunk Union Station is dedicated to everyone with dreams of airships and train whistles and fantastic machines.  I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I have.